USA Transocean Offshore Lead Engineer Job Vacancy

Transocean Offshore Lead Engineer Job Vacancy


The ongoing USA Transocean Offshore Lead Engineer Job Vacancy Application is open now. This position is important as a key implement of plant design.

USA Transocean Offshore Lead Engineer Job Vacancy is a drilling position. the salary is awesome. The actual thing about the job is it’s multiple field related.

Individuals applying this position is much. Are you a Chemical engineer, Mechanical Engineer and other Engineering discipline; please  this  opportunity especially USA candidate should not go like that.

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Job location

This position is found in the address below:

USA, Huston, TX 4 Greenway.


Transocean Job requirement

Transocean is interested in hiring employees that will contribute more to drilling technology with their skills in order to serve the world. the following requirements are needed:

  • Master or first degree in Engineering
  • You will have a minimum work experience of ten years with any drilling industry
  • Applicant must be competent in the required field, with some skill of management and planning skill.
  • Applicant must be skillful in drilling and in handling of equipment.
  • You are to have your Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates for health evaluation

Transocean company Application

Transocean is an offshore oil company responsible for drilling of underground resources. They provide Rig base services. They believed in the core value of focus, initiative, reliability, trust and innovation.

The following rigs are found in their base: Transocean Norge, and other places. The job application can be accessed on the job portal for lead engineer


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