Total Job GOM Oil and Gas Export Support Intern Vacancy

GOM Oil and Gas Export Support Intern

Total Job GOM Oil and Gas Export Support Intern Vacancy is the recent job opening at Total company USA.  Total Job GOM Oil and Gas Export Support Intern Vacancy  is a competitive position. Applicants are requested to hasten for application.


 The location for Total Job GOM Oil job is at  Houston USA branch. The branch is for known for Exploration and Production of oil.

Job Description and Responsibilities

The job description is grouped into two ways: they include: Technical and commercial duties.  This studies is based on Gulf of Mexico oil and gas export in feed phase. They help in  negotiation of business and with service providers. 
  they help to implement some Engineering studies in the company. help to maintain up to date information through documentation relating to construction, installation or maintenance for the export.

Oncomercial functions.They maintain economic information on Models of gas processing and export. They help to prepare results and present to management and company partners

  They help organization comply to safety regulations. there are lots of more. on the APPLICATION PAGE

you will get to read more.

Qualification of Total jobs

  • Applicant must have degree in Tertiary engineering, business, marketing, or economic qualifications
  • there is no required number of years of work experience
  • Applicant must be good or fluent in English Language

Required Skills 

  • Team work spirit
  • Eager to learn amongst peers (Teachability)
  • Have ability to comprehend Economic models and many more.

Application process

just follow the link written application page. read more about the job and submit your resume online.

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