Sinabela Scholarship Scholarship Exam Date And Results

Sinabela Scholarship Scholarship Exam Date And Results has been of recent confusion to many. Sinabela Scholarship Scholarship Exam Date And Results is coming up soon.

As the scholarship is still going on. you can APPLY HERE.

Sinabela Scholarship program is in two ways:

  • Full funded scholarship: this is for those pursuing Bachelor’s degree and master degree in Europe, Canada and United state.
  • Partial Scholarship

Sinabela scholarship exam

Examination Details

Sinabela scholarship examination comes up on


The Sinabela Scholarship program has two offerings: 07 December 2019. this exam date is for the full scholarship application. This exam is a computer base exam. when the exam is taken the successful one will be awarded the full tuition fees scholarship to continue their education and other benefits like Visa etc.

For the Sinabela  partial scholarship, you can actually not take exam for it. you can  Register here

This non exam sitting for exam is a condition for those who want to apply for the scholarship with writing entrance exam. please you can register for the partial scholarship instead.

Examination procedure

 For full scholarship application:

  • pay your entrance examination fee of 88.20 euros (#36500) to the school account.
  • Fill your confirmation form after payment
  • If you have confirmed your payment, sign in to your account and get your account activated. then you will receive an email notification.


For partial scholarship, there is no entrance examination for you. All you need to do is to pay a test fee of 113.20 euros to the school account.

Sinabela exam grades

Sinabela exam is graded on many basis

  • Accurate spelling
  • Punctuation marks
  • methods of paragraphing
  • you are needed to write creatively

The exam is a multiple choice computer base with 200 marks.

this information is from the scholarship page

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