Oil And Gas Graduate Trainee Jobs In Multinational Companies

Oil And Gas Graduate Trainee Jobs

Seriously looking for a place to improve your skills, apply for these Oil And Gas Graduate Trainee Jobs In Multinational Companies provided, Oil And Gas Graduate Trainee Jobs In Multinational Companies is an opportunity presented by many oil and gas companies. Some of these training are fully funded while some are not.

Oil and gas companies

The scope of production has increased. Oil and gas industries paves way for more industrialization. Many chemical processes evolving every day. Industrial effects of effluents rising day by day.

There are also rising research on the mitigation of industrial effluents. This helps to reduce health in the ecosystem. The knowledge about these training are found in programmes like this presented in this article.

The time to join enroll for these trainings career development is now. Many have applied for jobs but their CVs were not stating any industrial experience, these trainings give you an equivalent experience. This is because you will be given and expose opportunities to practice.


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Trainee Internship programmes

The following graduate trainings are going on the following oil and gas companies:

World class oil and gas training

World class provide training on upstream oil and gas training solutions. They are into the following operations below

They have the following discipline: DrillingPetroleum Facilities, Refining,Geophysics, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering etc.

Application link


Esanda Training

Esanda is a specialist in upstream oil and gas trainings. They provide workshops, mentoring services with their expert teams to companies. Their courses covers subsurface and surface onshore, sub-sea and many others.

Application link here

Wintershall DEA graduate Training

Wintershall DEA is providing recruitment training for both undergraduates and graduates. This training is a sort of Employment opportunities to applicants. This training is going on in all locations found in the middle East, European countries, North America etc.

Click on this application link to start


Schlumberger Careers:Worldwide Engineering Job Recruitment

safety training for ungergraduate

 RelyOn Nutec oil and gas training

RelyOn Nutec provides  comprehensive  training and competent solutions to the oil & gas industry. They deliver concise training on safety rules from simple to high level crisis management.


Multinational company job


Seplat Internship Training ongoing

Seplat has started their internship training for both undergraduate and post graduates. this internship is specifically for Nigerian citizens. They provide industrial experience to undergraduate and job opportunities to post graduates.

Application link here

Shell Graduate programme

SPDC is recruiting new graduates for employments. This recruitment is global. you can visit the

Application portal here


Chevron Careers Recruitment Internship 2019 Ongoing


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