Main application fields of lead storage batteries

1. The main application areas of traditional lead storage batteries

Traditional lead storage batteries have a wide range of applications. From an industry point of view, it can be divided into three categories: industrial batteries (energy storage batteries and communication backup power batteries), automobile starting batteries, and traction (power) batteries. In addition to these three categories, it can also be widely used in emergency lighting, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc.

2. Main application fields of super lead storage batteries

Since the birth of super lead storage battery technology, its industrialization has progressed rapidly due to the maximum use of traditional lead storage battery manufacturing equipment and production processes. In terms of market promotion, Furukawa Battery Company and EastPenn Company have done a lot of application verification work in Japan and the United States. At present, the main application fields of super lead storage batteries include hybrid vehicles, new energy power generation and smart grids.

Some of the projects that are already in operation with super lead batteries include

(1) From April 2007 to January 2008, in the ALABC third-party demonstration project, the Honda insight hybrid vehicle equipped with super lead storage battery successfully completed a 160,000-km test in the UK.

(2) Since 2008, the super lead storage battery has been highly evaluated in the 5th party test of the Sandia National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, both in power application and deep cycle test items.

(3) In 2009, EastPenn received funding from the Obama Economic Revitalization Plan and two battery-related projects (“Electric Vehicle Battery and Parts Production” project and “Smart Grid Energy Storage Technology” project). At present, the super lead storage battery energy storage system is used for frequency regulation of the power grid.

3. Main application fields of bipolar lead batteries

The structural characteristics of bipolar lead acid batteries are that the volume specific energy and mass specific energy are higher than those of traditional lead storage batteries, and they are suitable for high-voltage single cells (up to 200V). Therefore, it has a large market advantage in the fields of electric vehicles, wind and solar energy storage, and UPS power supplies.

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