Learn How To Apply For SINABELA Full Scholarship Overseas 2019

The Sinabela Scholarship program offers 100-percent tuition fee to both those who want to pursue Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom and other European countries, Canada and the United States of America. A computer-based examination will be taken by all paid candidates, after which the successful ones are awarded with full tuition fees scholarship…including student visa, flight ticket, and hostel accommodation is. FREE!


This Scholarship Program is sponsored by Sinabela Associates Ltd., and is FREE!

You’re only paying for the Entrance Examination

The Sinabela Scholarship program has two offerings:

  • One is the 100-percent Scholarship for those who either want to pursue Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in the Europe (United Kingdom and outside), Canada and the United State of America. A computer-based examination will be taken (in April 2019), after which the successful ones will be awarded with full tuition fees scholarship, plus student visa, flight ticket to the Europe, and hostel accommodation. Next entrance examination will take place in June 08, 2019. REGISTRATION CLOSES ON APRIL 15, 2019.

  • The other is the Partial Scholarship. If you don’t care to sit for an exam but want to get on with applying for admission right off, then what you need is to apply for Partial Scholarship instead.​

this is the application portal

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