Lead-acid battery extended life: 3 amazing ways to extend it

Lead-acid battery technology has been widely used for decades in various applications, ranging from automotive starting batteries to backup power systems.the use of lead-acid batteries has been increasing, not only in factories, but also in people’s daily lives. Although the production technology and manufacturing process of lead-acid batteries have been improved in recent years, troublesome problems still arise during continuous use. That is, the service life of the lead-acid batteries always seems to be so unsatisfactory. On the one hand, the service life of the lead-acid batteries does not meet the standard, and its service life is shortened very quickly.

The life span of Lead-acid battery

The traditional lead acid battery is known for its relatively shorter lifespan compared to newer lithium ion technologies, often requiring more frequent replacements in automotive applications.Generally, the recyclable life of a lead-acid battery is one and a half years, and a better quality lead-acid battery can even be reused for two years. But under normal circumstances, the life of lead-acid batteries begins to decline after half a year of use. Its usage power will also gradually weaken.

Reasons why lead-acid battery life is reduced

charging method

Incorrect charging methods of the Lead-acid battery, unstable charging time, incomplete charging, incorrect usage and other daily incorrect usage methods will greatly affect the service life of the Lead-acid battery. Because the precise charging system and correct usage habits will affect the operation of the battery, it is also necessary to standardize the charging method.


Temperature is another important factor that has a great impact on lead-acid batteries. If the temperature is too high, the discharge capacity of the battery will increase. When the battery is in a discharge state, if the temperature is unstable, it will affect the normal discharge of the battery. If this happens for a long time, it will greatly damage the power storage capacity of the battery itself. It will also cause the battery life to gradually shorten under repeated high-temperature operations.

The size of the internal resistance

The size of the internal resistance will also affect the service life of the battery. The size of the resistance is inversely proportional to the remaining capacity of the battery. When the remaining capacity of the battery is continuously decreasing, the resistance of the battery is also increasing. This increase and decrease simultaneously produces a lot of substances, and the service life of the battery is greatly affected.

a lead-acid battery
a lead-acid battery

Methods to extend the service life of lead-acid battery

The development and application status of lead storage battery technology continue to be monitored closely by researchers and industry experts, aiming to improve its performance and expand its use in various energy storage applications.Develop correct battery charging methods and daily use methods to avoid insufficient charging or overcharging during charging, and also reduce the occurrence of over-discharge.

Try to keep the battery away from places where the temperature is too high. The optimal operating temperature of the battery is 25 degrees Celsius, and the reasonable temperature of the battery room is maintained within 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Conduct regular inspections of the battery and related capacity tests. Reduce the presence of active materials in the battery and some impurities that affect battery power.

The development of a new lead acid battery promises to enhance the energy storage capabilities of renewable energy systems, making them more reliable and cost-effective for widespread adoption.Lead-acid battery is used more and more in daily life, and people have higher and higher requirements on its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to correct your daily battery usage and improve the battery usage environment. The life span and work efficiency of Lead-acid battery directly affect people’s daily life or industrial production, so you have to pay attention when using Lead-acid battery.

Lead acid battery in stock
Lead acid battery in stock