Hubei Provincial Scholarships For Graduate And Undergraduate

Hubei Provincial Scholarships in China for all nationalities 2019

Deadline: June 1, 2019
: China Universities Selected Universities
: Non Chinese All nationalities except chinese
: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
: All Subjects

: Full tuition fee RMB 10,000 to RMB 20,000 per year

Application Materials

7.1 Applicants should provide related materials based on universities and colleges’ requirements. The following is the list of the basic materials:

1. Application Form of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship

2. Copy of Passport

3. Notarized highest Diploma

4. Notarized Transcript or Certificate of Job Title

5. Letter of Recommendation and Health Certificate

6. Other documents required

Application Requirement

3.1 Applicants should be foreign citizens with valid passport and, should be friendly to China.

3.2 Applicants should be well-behaved, hardworking, grade excellent and in good health.

3.3 Requirements on applicants’ academic degree and age:

1. Undergraduate scholarship applicants should be within average age of 25 years old and have obtained degree equal to Chinese High School Degree or above.

2. Graduate Scholarship applicants should within the average of 30 year old and have obtained bachelor degree.

3. Doctorate Scholarship applicants should be within the average age of 35 years old and have obtained master’s degree.

4. All General Scholar Scholarship applicants should be within the average age of 40 years old and Chinese language scholars should have obtained Higher School Degree or above, professional scholars should have obtained bachelor’s degree or above or should be university students in grade 2 or above.

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Application Process and Acceptance Department

5.1 All Hubei provincial college and universities organize current foreign students to apply for the scholarship and contact the foreign students who are planning to study in Hubei province through Chinese embassies in foreign counties, foreign educational institutions or internet.

5.2 All qualified foreigners, both the ones who are studying in colleges and universities in Hubei province and the ones who are in foreign counties can apply to the colleges and universities you study in or you want to.

5.3 All colleges and universities accept scholarship application on Feb. to June. The application will be assessed basically on the principal of open, fair and justice by the school assessment team and the result will be published in school for a week.

5.4 Ministry of Education of Hubei Province accepts all colleges and universities’ Application Forms of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship every June, and will publish the result on Hubei province education information net ( for a week after the assessment, if there is no dispute, the Ministry of Education of Hubei Province will issue a document to confirm it continue here.

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