Flour Mill Nigeria Undergraduate SIWES/Industrial Training Program

flour mill industrial training

Flour Mill Nigeria Undergraduate SIWES/Industrial Training Program is ongoing. Flour Mill Nigeria Undergraduate SIWES/Industrial Training Program has been a year round program. many call it Golden penny industrial training program. either way is correct. this indutrial training is for one year internship of polytechnic and 400 level student of university. though lower levels can apply also.

golden penny/ flour mill internship

Flour mill company profile

flour mill Nigeria Plc is a food and agro allied processing industry. they aimed at providing quality food to the nation in order to enrich the market with superior services. flour mil Industry is also aimed at building stake holders where undergraduate student internship come into place of training. this enhances performance and nation building.

 Flour mill Industrial Training Program

Flour mill Industrial Training Program is applied in all locations in Nigeria. just like ongoing shell industrial training   the program is aimed at building student in different ares of disciplines. Golden penny industrial training is available to both polytechnic and university student.

what are flour mill SIWES application requirement

The following are required while applying for this internship program

  • Industrial training letter
  • Application letter/ CV < this should be good looking>
  • Your CV should bear your CGPA
  • valid email address
  • passport or school ID card

How to apply flour mill industrial training program

After the application of this,an email of confirmation will be send to you. You will be required to write an exam which will guarantee your acceptance. learn how to pass company aptitude exams here

login to the official application page by Clicking here to apply online

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