ExxonMobil Brazil Undergraduate Industrial Attachment Application 2020

ExxonMobil Undergraduate Internship

ExxonMobil Brazil Undergraduate Industrial Attachment Application 2020 portal is open. Undergraduate students of Brazil are encourage to come and build there industrial experience in ExxonMobil.
ExxonMobil Brazil Undergraduate Industrial Attachment Application 2020 commences soon after now. This Internship comes up in January every year.

ExxonMobil Recruitment

ExxonMobil is one the largest multinational oil trading and producing companies; with largest workforce. They provide energy that give support to growing and developing economies. These help to increase standard of living in host communities and nation at large.

ExxonMobil is also one the largest recruiters for employment across different locations and headquarters. some of there recruitment includes:

2020 undergraduate scholarship Nigeria

One good thing about ExxonMobil internship is that students are open to several opportunities to learn and improve their experiences.

Internship Courses Available

ExxonMobil offers internship and Industrial training opportunities in different courses across different locations and branches in Brazil. They include:

  • chemical engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and other Engineering courses
  • Physical science courses such as chemistry,
  • Social sciences such as Economics
  • Computer related courses such as Telecommunications, information management, internet system and many others.

Visit the application page here

On the application page, the grouping of the course available for different locations are done. please visit the application portal as soon as possible.


Internship Eligibility

The following are some additional information applicants will possess before application.

  • Applicant must be a Brazilian
  • Must be an undergraduate from an accredited higher Institution
  • Applicant is meant o be in the city of application for easy access to work

exxonmobil internship


ExxonMobil Internship Grant

Selected applicant have many benefits such as;

  • Transportation vouchers
  • Grant Grant

The grant amount is  R $ 1,300.00 for Technical and
R $ 1,600.00 (Undergraduate)VT – R $ 200,00

ExxonMobil Exam Schedule

The application and exam schedule has been mapped out. fIRST application start from JULY-AUGUST EVERY YEAR.

1. Online assessment (logic and language skills)
2. August: group interviews
3. September: individual interviews
4. October: final review and selection
5. November: required medical examination
6. January (or earlier depending on circumstances) – start of internship

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