Deep Water Transocean Offshore Safety manager Recruitment

Deep Water Transocean Offshore Safety manager Recruitment started few days ago. Applicant are requested to know that majority of the works are on hgh sea.

Deep Water Transocean Offshore Safety manager Recruitment is one position that applies to the company policy making and so that applicant is meant to be safety himself. His duties determines the warefare of the operations.

Safety manager function

There are many functions attached to this office. But the primary function include:

  • Development of HSE programs for the organization
  • He shall perform the duty of a mentoring, coaching and monitoring of workers and helps to coordinate equipment installation.
  • He gives assistance to the workers to achieve the company goals and objectives


Job requirement

  • Graduate degree or High school diploma
  • Be fluent in English language both oral and written skills
  • Have a work experience of offshore installation
  • You must have a basic computer skill

Transocean Job application

The application of Transocean job is accessible on the job opening page givenĀ here

The location of the employment is in Deep water (Deepwater Mykonos) found in liberia.


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