Conversion Of Coal To Plastics Technology


coal is a dark solid material that have many compositions which are developed over many years by debris. Conversion Of Coal To Plastics Technology has always  been a research objective to see ways to utilized coal despite it’s energy usage. Conversion Of Coal To Plastics Technology is a reality which you can contribute to as the world pursues coal utilization.

Coal Treatment Process

Coal is a solid that develop in different stages which includes low rank coal ( peak- lignite-sub bituminous coal) to high rank coal (bituminous- anthracite). coal treatment results to diferents products such as hydrogen, carbon-dioxide, methane (olefins). coal treatment processes includes the following:

  • Coal carbonization
  • Coal liquefaction:  process of converting coal into liquid hydrocarbons: liquid fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Coal gasification

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coal to plastic conversion

The conversion of coal to plastic was carried in china. this research was due to daily demand of the use of plastics and also alternative means  to utilize coal. The process involves multiple stage operations. Honeywell who operated in china used the method of coanverting coal to olefins and then to plastics. This method is called METHANOL TO OLEFINS PROCESS.

Here, the coal is first converted into methanol, a highly reactive, liquid alcohol. That methanol is then converted into olefins by dehydration. then, through the process of dehydrogenation ethylene or propylene is formed. The reaction between ethane to ethylene over a catalyst such as cerium oxide within temperatures up to 700 °C in a pulse apparatus.

Ethylene is converted to plastic through polymerization reaction. since polymers are made up of different hydrocarbon chains or resin.

Coal undergoes a liquefaction process into a liquid hydrocarbon, then, the through the dehydrogenation process forms plastic compositions.

some flow diagrams

coal process technology

coal to plastic conversioncoal to plastic process flow diagram


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