BBM Law Practical Vocational Training Programme 2021

BBM LAW Practical vocational training

BBM Law practical vocational training programme 2021 comes to South African citizens. BBM Law Practical vocational training programme 2021 is for postgraduate of law; parastatal of government and others who want to build their career law discipline. Undergraduate of related field who are interested to apply. This comes up in a blue moon by BBM provision considering the registration deadline.



The vocational training is a training given to students of law in order to have the right to bar. In Nigeria, it is call Law School. This is a process of admitting or enrolling candidate as an attorney or advocate. Glad to tell you that the programme is brought by Biccari Bollo Mariano Inc.




When you have completed the LLB degree, the attendant has the following benefits

  • Practical training sessions and courses
  • Investment in developing your skills, time and potentials through training
  • Opportunities such as giving candidate the opportunity to rotate in four different practical areas;
  • Working with diverse team on quality matters of clients and transactions
  • You will be expose to special legal training skills
  • You will also be expose to professional skills and  career development
  • You will be assigned to mentor to give a value base learning to you.
  • You will be trained on written and verbal communication skills
  • Teaching on sound inter-personal skills
  • You will be taught on Microsoft Office programmes on professional basis.

The benefits of this programme cannot be much over emphasized online until you give yourself the motivation to apply for it. Many resources is channeled to this so that you will get a good professional experience.


Programme duration

The duration for this training is two years. The application for this vocational training is in one year from now being the month of October 2020. The classroom and teaching starts in 2021. This comes up in summer &winter times.


Application process

The application date for the training commenced on 24th may 2019. it will close on 29th september 2020. Lessons commences on 3rd January 2021. application is in law firm in the following town of South Africa

  • cape town
  • Durban
  • Soweto

There is no prescribed link for application. so application should be done off line but you can seek for more information about BBM training here

Eligibility and requirements


  • This training vocational is for citizens of South Africa. you must have a work permit the South Africa for you to apply.
  • You must have a minimum aggregate of 65% grade.
  • You must have a degree in law
  • you must have finished your degree course before 30th march 2021.


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