causes of Academic Decadence as ASUU goes on strike in Nigeria

Academic decadence is major issues some countries of the world face in the present age despite the rise in wisdom and innovation, it seems like knowledge is made for some set of people while those that knows finds it difficult to pass it on to others due to lake of skill while some has the knowledge but no one to pass to. So for the purpose of this work is to encourage students and teachers, also our political leaders on the trending problems and to discourages these attitude we posses. This study was based on some African countries.

There is a popular saying that, “there are many job opportunities but no or few graduates found in the required field with relevant skill needed to secure the employment” it is now clinch to say that some graduates are not employable, but can this be said that it is the laziness of students that caused this or the state of our institutions?

There are many reasons why some African graduates are unemployable and will be categorize it by blaming students, their sponsor or parents, the society, the educational system and a myopic government.

The first issue is that many students forget the reason why they were admitted into the higher institution the moment they lodge into campus, (they get acquitted with the campus slogan that say ‘you are responsible for your action’), and perhaps this may be cause due to peer group influence, cultism, frustrating and other happenstance. As a result they pass through institution system without allowing the institution system gets mastered on them. As regards to the case of cultism, it is prevalent in Nigerian institutions. Tell me, what  will it be told of when these individuals leave the academic to unprofitable acts At last some lose their lives and a career is wasted; others leaving school without anything as regards knowledge.  Nigerian government needs to devise a means to combat this issue. They fail to understand that the main idea of coming to a higher institution is to get the required skill in order to solve the problems of the society on graduation; but this results to sorts of malpractices available in the system. On this note, these students failed to go beyond to research and make extra study on the subject matter, this kind of cycle will continue and they will not see it as an appalling situation till they graduate and become graduates with certificate but no skill.

Another mindset that leads to unqualified graduate is in the aspect that the student seeks for connection while in school instead of knowledge acquisition. This is in response to the issue of ‘who do you know and not what can you do’ so in response they focus on getting connection rather than studying hard for excellence. It is high time our society and firms stopped asking these questions: who is your god father? Which tripe are you from? And focus on the potential some graduates have for betterment of the country.

Secondly, is from the aspect of parents that mandates their children to study a particular course probably to succeed them in their offices when they are no more, they failed to understand that destinies are not the same, this too frustrate students because after the study in the institution may not excel in it because it is not his/her drive. They also pressurize their children to graduate with the best result which is good but what if it is in the situation the student is not bright, what does it lead to? Parents notice that students do not have the ability and brain capacity and do not compare your child with another for your child is made special in it’s own design.


Thirdly, recognizing the falling system of education that exist in some African countries, they fail to acknowledge and give room for the engagement of students in much academic work, like the case of Nigeria that introduce the method of allowing the student to study and   come to class for clarification. This is a wonderful strategy, the issue still remains that, a student has a little or no knowledge of the topic to be treated in class; instead the lecturer’s motive to be, enlightening the students, focuses only on treating the part that he/she feels will be suitable for examination rather than exposing the topic to the general understanding of the class. This makes some students have examination consciousness instead of studying to know. It is also noticed that some Nigeria universities and polytechnics have insufficient equipment, making the student to have knowledge base but no practical orientation. It is an appalling situation that corruption is taking up our education and political system. Money will be allocated to provide instruments but greedy leaders divert the allocation. How can students be practically oriented in these situations? Also nonpayment of lecturers has led to several strikes action, corruption and bribery leading to short of academic calendar and learning, how can a nation with such characteristics produce qualify graduates?

We propose that we are in knowledge age but we still lack knowledge. Technology opens doors for opportunities still yet they are blocked. There should be improvement. Students get to know the reason why you are in higher institution. Pursue your dream with carefulness as if solution to the world lies on you. Governments encourage the students. It has been notice that the reason why the government why some academic situation is because; they have not come to their conviction that they will represent them someday. Believe in your youths and empower them.

In general, the issue of academic decadence and the level of unemployment rate in our countries cannot be over emphasized.

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