Corrosion study kit Apparatus



Corrosion study kit


The Arm field corrosion study is equipment used in the study of corrosion in the laboratory.

It uses a number of simple item of equipment in conducting several text at the same time and it’s design is to bring to the knowledge of the student on how corrosion can be studied and controlled in different solutions and how it can be avoided.

The set up allows for simultaneous study of corrosion studies of materials up to eight materials, depending on the number of vessels it contain. Each vessel has a lid covering it and a flexible rubber passing through the lid and connecting to an air agitator in the vessel. This allows the passage of air into the solution of the vessel. The lid has several holes that are used to insert specimen such as steel, rod or any other material under study. The specimen is immersed in the solution with two- third of the expected area of where corrosion to occur in the solution.

The corrosion rate is measured by visual observation (by the wearing away of the metal immersed in the solution) and weighing the metal after sometime. For solution to be connected to the apparatus, a PH meter is set besides or to ascertain the hydrogen concentration ion of the solution.

The corrosion study kit has the following parts:


  • Air minefield: this allows the passage of a into the solution.
  • Air control valve: this is used to regulate the amount of air entering the solution
  • Clamp screw: this is fixed with the lid that covers the vessel that contains the solution
  • Flexible tube: this serves as a passage of air into the agitator that reaches the solution
  • Air agitator: this is a plastic tube that leads the pumped air into the solution.
  • Vessel: this contains the rod or specimen under study.



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